Yale College

Teaching Fellow

ECON S159 Game Theory (Online) - Summer 2020, with Professor Zvika Neeman

ECON 251 Financial Theory - Spring 2019, with Prof. Eduardo Davila

ECON 159 Game Theory - Fall 2018, with Prof. María Sáez Martí

ECON S115E Introductory Microeconomics (Online) - Summer 2018, with Prof. Tolga Koker

ECON 121 Intermediate Microeconomics - Spring 2018, with Prof. Evangelia Chalioti

ECON 159 Game Theory - Fall 2017, with Prof. Marina Halac and Prof. María Sáez Martí

ECON 116 Introductory Macroeconomics - Spring 2017, with Prof. Aleh Tsyvinski

ECON 414 Economic Models of New Technology - Fall 2016, with Prof. Evangelia Chalioti

ECON S112 Introduction to Finance - Summer 2015, with Prof. Donald Brown

Johns Hopkins University

Teaching Assistant

Math 109 Calculus II - Spring 2014 , with Prof. Maxim Arap

Math 302 Differential Equations with Applications - Fall 2013 , with Prof. Carl McTague

Veritas China


Critiquing the Homo Economicus - Summer 2018

  • Independently developed a self-contained eight-day course for high school and university students

  • Guided students of diverse academic background to examine the significance and implications of the rationality assumptions in economics